Nothing speaks of love more than roses in June


A rose garden (PHOTO: SNS)

Fresh and lovely in sun-crushed hues, roses bring out the soft beauty in you.

Keep some roses in your house. Freshen up your surroundings and rejuvenate yourself with the beauty and sweet frangrance of it. The bright sun-hued queen of flowers is the perfect thing to beautify your home and garden.

June is the birth month of roses. A bed of beautiful roses in your garden can be the best thing to surround yourself with. Rose is a seasonal flower affected by the changing weather. It blooms well in warm weather. In places with cooler clime, the month of June and roses bond beautifully. This month is the best time for the growth and renewal of the plant with maximum blooms.

With exclusive colours ranging from lilac to hot peach, there are varieties of this summer blooms that arrive in different sizes and colours – pink, white, ivory, red, burgundy, yellow, orange and even black and green. Some of the gorgeous varieties are:

Deep Red velvety romance: The buds are mystifyingly blackish in colour and the leaves are in shades of purple. But, it is deep red when in full bloom. The variety is famous for its delicious-sweet fragrance. The dazzling deep red romance accentuated with lovely rich green mix of stems and leaves generate heart-throbbing vibes.

Heritage Rose: The old-fashioned antique roses are well-known for their strong scent. Little prunning is needed. Its popular varieties include Green Rose, Francis Dubreuil, Rose De Resht and Lady Banks.

Hybrid Tea Rose: It comes in long stems and large size. Most of the hybrid roses fall into this category. This most popular variety comes in mind when we talk about Valentine’s Day.

Bright Spark: The charming and romantic fruity fragrant roses could win the hearts of many. It’s a healthy-free flowering rose plant. The spirited rose comes in bold hues- crimson red, hot pink, sunny yellow and bright peach. The chirpy and bubbly roses are certainly the attention-catcher.

Dracey Bussell: It is amazingly deep red in colour having strong scent. The rosette-style bloom in clusters spread love and romance in the air. You may celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion with these live and joyful roses.

Welcome these beautiful creations of God in the scorching heat of June. The queen of flowers can bloom throughout summer, beautifying your home and surroundings, and adding a pleasant fragrance. Roses make an excellent gift for anyone whose birthday falls in June. A bouque of roses may look chic and fashionable. Fresh and lovely in sun-crushed hues, they may bring out the soft beauty in you.