Monsoon wedding: Choose your mangalsutra wisely!


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Few tips may help you choose the most beautiful mangalsutra for your wedding.


Are you planning a monsoon wedding? Mangalsutra, the sacred necklace with black and golden beads, is a symbol of love and commitment that strongly binds the newly wed. It is an inevitable part of the sacred institution of the Hindu marriage. Once wedded, women have to wear it with all devotion to their life partner, and the practice which began in South India is today widespread across the country.

Mangalsutras are for keeps. They are for protection from harm. The black beads symbolise Lord Shiva. They are believed to have the power to protect the woman wearing it from all evils. The gold beads are symbolic of goddess Durga, to protect her husband's life. With marked changes in modern culture and fashion, mangalsutra has today become more of a fashion jewellery piece than a sanctified symbol of wedded bliss.

Traditionally, women used to wear long black beaded magalsutras with gold pendants. Today, there are varied designs and sizes you can choose from. If you are looking to buy the best mangalsutra for your wedding this monsoon, keep the following tips in mind.

Select a unique pendant: A careful selection of a exclusive pendant will enrich the beauty of your mangalsutra.

Diamond pendants: Diamonds are forever in trend. A variety of diamond studded pendants are available. Diamond pendants look good on anyone whereas gold may not suit all.

Short and light weight: Short length and light weight are more in style and huge in demand. It looks good on both tall and short women.

Heavy pendants: If you want to give yourself a royal and traditional look with a mangalsutra on a special occasion, you can go with intricately carved pendants with long and heavy mangalsutras.

Few black and more gold: If you don’t like more gold beads, you can have a plain gold chain with few black beads.

Certification: Make sure to buy your mangalsutra from a trusted jeweller and check the hallmark stamp that certify the authenticity of the piece.

Matching accessories: Opt for a mangalsutra with matching earrings or you can get them made on order and look more beautiful. You can also wear matching bracelets.

Mangalsutra is for keeps. Choose it wisely as you may have to wear it for life–as a part of you and your life partner in your wedded life.

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