Hey June born! The healing pearls for you


Being a symbol of innocence and purity, pearl is worn to calm a fuming and restless mind

Going by the stars sign, everyone born in different zodiac timeline has different characteristics depending upon the month you are born. The birth month decides the stone that may align well with you and help in bringing good fortune and protective powers to make you lead a happy life. The birth stones are said to have enormous healing attributes to benefit the body and calm the mind. They are believed to have vibes that may affect your destiny.

Pearl is said to be the birth stone of June. Being a symbol of innocence and purity, it is worn to calm a fuming and restless mind. It is also well associated with a happy married life and stable relationships. Pearl is thought to be the best gift to be given on first, third, 12th or 30th anniversary. The largest pearl in the world called the ‘Pearl of Asia’ was gifted by famous Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to his beloved wife Mumtaz for whom he also built the Taj Mahal. Those who are involved in creative work may wear it to achieve success and prosperity. Talking about the healing effects, pearls are thought to aid in treating digestive issues of the body. They may encourage removal of bloating biliousness. They are associated with fertility and easy child birth too.

Allied with chastity and modesty, the special June gemstone is a popular jewel for centuries. It has a unique natural beauty and historical significance. Its fame dates back to ancient times due to its incredible powers such as luck, health and prosperity. Created inside the shells of certain species of oysters and clams, the organic stone bears an inimitable fragile translucence and gleam. These features make them highly precious. It has different colours depending upon the species of mollusc that produced it. White is the best-known colour, they also come in hues of black, grey, blue, yellow, green, lavender, mauve and cream.

Pearls make the perfect gift for June born under the signs of Gemini or Cancer. To shop a perfect round natural pearl, you’ll need good knowledge and a big pocket. There is a wealth of options for buyers. Lustre is the most important aspect while buying a pearl. The metallic and reflective like mirrors are the finest ones. Apart from this, the size and the colour also matter in determination of quality and price. They may range in size from 3 mm to 13 mm. A matched strand of natural pearls is very expensive and may sell for thousands of Rupees.

Beware of fake pearls. Imitation or stimulated stones look real because their physical characteristics are from real stones but they are duplicate. Gem experts can easily distinguish natural pearls from cultured ones with the help of gemmological X-ray equipment. One should rely on a gemmologist to test if the pearl is genuine or fake.

Pearl is a priceless possession, as it is a natural beauty without any treatment or enhancement. Pick your favourite from thousands of pearl-dotted jewelleries in the market. Adorn yourself with pearls and glow in its beauty.

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