Protect your skin and soak up the happy colours of Holi


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Don’t let your skin and hair get damaged this Holi. Take gentle and tender care of them

Don’t let your skin and hair get damaged this Holi. Take gentle and tender care of them.

The invigorating air of Holi celebrations can be seen all around with the festival coming soon. People have already started stirring up their unstoppable excitement by buying colours, water balloons, pichkaris and other stuff associated with Holi. Actually, the fervour of the festival lies in playing with colours and water. It is the way through which people show their emotions and demonstrate their love and compassion to their families and friends with complete openness. But, ironically the festival that uses all hues of nature is celebrated nowadays with toxic and deadly chemicals that have adverse effects on hair and skin like irritation, itching, rashes, puffiness, allergies, hair roughness, hair fall, etc. There are few easy ways that can protect them and prevent damage from harsh colours:

Use natural Holi colours. Discourage your friends and relatives to use chemical colours. Make your own colours at home. They are 100 per cent made from herbs, agricultural products, vegetable extracts and fruits. This is the best solution to enjoy Holi with full masti and protecting your skin and hair completely.

Choose clothes that cover whole of your body, except the face. Try to wear cotton hi-necks with full sleeves. Wrap a colourful stole around the neck in a stylish way. It will protect your neck, shoulder and back area fully from harsh colours and give you a modish look all together. Tie a bandana around your head to protect your hair. It will keep your hair safe in a chic way.

Apply mustard oil/coconut oil/olive oil/Vaseline/cold cream on whole body at least half an hour before you go out to play with colours. Use some extra amount for the exposed body part like face, hands and feet. By doing this, your skin will absorb and store less colour and it can be removed easily on having a thorough bath.

Soak multani mitti for an hour in raw milk. Apply this paste on your skin after playing with colours. Let the pack dry. Take a bath. The colour will go off with the pack to a great extent.

Make a mud pack using water instead of raw milk to apply on hair. Wash your hair with this pack. Don’t let it dry. Just apply it after shampooing your hair and rinse with warm water. It will soften the texture of your hair and treat the scalp.

Apply a pack made up of besan, rose water, sandalwood powder and raw milk on your face. Rub gently and leave for half an hour. Wash off gently with any herbal face wash. You will get good rid of colour.

Don’t rub your skin harshly to remove the colours while bathing. It may damage your skin.

Apply a good quality organic moisturiser on your skin after having a bath. It will weaken the hold of the remains of the colour left after washing off.

Give your hair an oil massage after shampooing them. Let the oil rest for a day. Shampoo again the next day to clear off the remaining colour.

Sit under the sun for some time after having bath and apply moisturiser on the skin. The sun will soak up the remains of the colour very effectively.

Have a healthy experience with these tricks. You are perfectly right…. Your hair may look strong and your skin may look durable. Yet, they are ultra-sensitive to synthetic colours. It doesn’t mean that you stop enjoying the festival with colours. All you have to do is take all the preventive measures and take good care of your skin and hair type. Enjoy a safe and delightful Holi!

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