Keep food allergies at bay

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    July 11, 2017 | 6:48 am

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Certain food can help strengthen your immune sustem and control food allergies

Food allergy can upset your stomach, cause face and body irritation and stress you out completely. It can be life-threatening if proper care is not taken. While there are anti-allergen medicines to treat the problem, consuming high-fibre food can help.

High-fibre diet that contain Vitamin A may help treat food allergies. People, especially children, with vitamin A deficiency tend to suffer from food allergy. Hence, food rich in vitamin A and fibre such as rice bran rebuild the colon microbiota in the gut. The microbiota helps to strengthen the immune sytem and control food allergies, according to a study led by Jian Tan of the Monash University in Australia.

The study, which was published in Cell Reports, states that the food fibre breaks down into short-chain fatty acids in the gut. The increased levels of short-chain fatty acids help rebuild dendritic cells of the immune system, which control an allergic response against a food allergen.

Include high fibre and vitamin A rich food such as whole bran, leafy vegetables, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, milk, eggs, dried apricots, squash, etc in your daily diet and see your body resistant to food allergies.

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