Sizzle in the hot sun with chic lip colours!

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    May 29, 2017 | 5:58 am

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Beautify your lips with trendy lip colours and ensure a perfect luscious pout.


What's your favourite lipstick? What's your favourite lip colour? Does your favourite matches with the trendy lip colours of the season? Beautify your lips with trendy lip colours and ensure a perfect pout. Pick the right make, the right colours for your skin type, and look attractive and fashionable this summer.

Silky-smooth and soft lips add to your beauty, and sometimes luscious lips can make you stand out of the crowd. The attractive shades can even add to your persona and boost your confidence. The lip shades are based on non-drying creamy formula that moisten your lips. And, there are lipsticks with stunning shades that stay up to five to six hours. You may accentuate them with a lip gloss and a lip liner. Give them a supple look while keeping them nourished with Vitamin E.

Rich moist mattes, enriched with pure pigments have intense luscious colour effects with velvety touch and ultra-shine. The oils in the lipstick provide a silky texture. Having different moist shades, these lip colours give a rich feel.

Dare to go nude with super satin nude lip shades having liquid silk formula that seals in colour, moisture and softness in your lips. They offer a beautiful velvety texture, saturated colour and prevents smudging. The peachy nude shade with warm undertones goes well with darker skin tones. The beige colour with traces of pink looks completely opaque. The buttery texture doesn’t bleed at all and survives for three to four hours. It’s just perfect for medium tones.

Rosy nudes look very natural on lips with fair complexion. It can stay on five to six hours. Brown nudes and few with pink undertones look rich and give that ultra-glamorous look. The unique formula of shea butter may help keep lips smooth and soft all day long. The nudes melt onto your lips, giving them a shiny gloss.

From pure nude to saucy red, sizzle in gorgeous lip colour having luscious but non-sticky finish and may look creamy even after a drink. The fine network of particles create a texture as shiny as jelly. The colour stays in nudes or bright shades just fully cover your lips and shine for up to 12 hours without any touch up. Gorgeous pink is blissful. They can be matte or glossy. Both have a bit creamy texture which glides on lips without any jerking.

Buy lipsticks with antioxidants and herbal ingredients. Say no to chemical-based lip colours. The lipstick should be creamy and moisturise your lips. Check out the latest summery shades in cosmetic stores. Your luscious lips can tell a story without a word. Don't forget to match your nail colour with your lip colour. Beautify and look the perfect diva!

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