Just-in! Crop it up for the summer!


(Getty Images)

While the heat is on, wear fancy crop-tops and show off your well-toned body.

Is tank or crop top back in fashion? You bet! The pictures were all over. Just the other day Justin Beiber pulled off a new fad with a cropped white top. It was hot and the singer rolled up his sleeveless top, showing his lower torso, with a sporty red track. He was taking a break from his hectic schedule at a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The pictures of him walking on the beach with the crop top were posted in Instagram.

Cropped tops were in fashion in early 2000s. But, in the world of fashion, what goes around truly comes around. And stars, as always, are often the first to set fashion trends. Whatever they do becomes fashion as their fans try to look like them and wear similar clothes. But the fact of the matter is crop tops are practical, ideal for the hot season and look good on a slim body. You can look pretty alluring, chic and cool in it.

So, while the heat is on, look out for some fancy tank or cropped tops. Wear them and show off your well-toned body when you are out in the sun. Pair it up with denim shorts, minis and sarongs. It's the coolest wear for the summer. Tank it up like Justin!

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