Get rid of ugly body flab the easy way


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Is the flab around your waist troubling you? Are you having problem fitting into your old clothes? Don't you worry. You don't have to lose your good morning sleep to hit the gym. Just grab a glass or mug of plain hot water and rid those ugly flab and regain your trim waist. Be in shape again.

How to flush out unwanted fats with hot water:

Store potable water in a copper container overnight.

Hit the water in the same container

Experts say the best time to drink hot water is between five to six in the morning

Drink the hot water on an empty stomach.

Drink as many glasses as you can.

Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt in one glass of hot water to treat constipation.

Add lemon juice and honey for better taste and healthier drink.

Sipping hot water during meals can also help digestion of food.

Hot water, according to experts, clears the mucus of the body which is the root cause of many diseases. It purifies the blood and helps to heal skin problems. So, drink hot water and stay slim and beautiful.

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