Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence that all members cutting across party lines would take part in discussions on issues in a spirit of GST or ‘growing stronger together’ during the monsoon session Parliament which began here on Monday.

The Opposition is expected to grill the government on a wide range of issues including recent incidents of lynching of Muslims and proactive activists of the ‘Gau Rakshak’ campaign, farmers’ suicides, Kashmir issue among other things.

The Prime Minister sought to reach out to the Opposition parties and acknowledged their contribution to the implementation of the government’s flagship uniform Goods and Service (GST) Tax across the country.

“The successful implementation of GST is a testimony to an important collective decision of political parties and state governments which has been taken in the best interest of the nation. Growing Stronger Together’ is another name that stands for the GST. Let the monsoon session begin with the same spirit,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi also sought to underline the significance of the session as it coincides with the election of both the President and Vice President of India and the 70th year of India’s independence that falls on 15 August this year.

He exuded confidence that all members would add value to the debate in the Parliament and take important decisions in
the best interest of the nation.

“Today the Monsoon session begins. Like the monsoon brings hope, this session also brings same spirit of hope. After the summer, the rains fill the soil with pleasant smell. In the same way, due to the good rains of the GST, the whole session will be full of enthusiasm,” Modi further said.

He also expressed his gratitude to farmers for making the country self-sufficient in food grains production.