Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina a hand-woven tapestry from Venkatagiri, Andhra Pradesh.

It has been woven in the Jamdani style — the famous traditional sari of Bangladesh, Modi said on his personal website where he posted the photo of this artwork on Saturday.

Modi presented the gift before the two leaders sat for a meeting.

Located in Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh, Venkatagiri is famous for handlooms, and its weavers have adopted the fine Jamdani weaving technique while assimilating traditional designs of the region.

The artwork in this tapestry shows the Kalpavriksh tree and the Kamadhenu cow which are regarded as auspicious and bestowers of prosperity.

The tapestry has been woven using very fine cotton yarn and pure gold thread, with both the warp and the weft having the same count of cotton yarn.

It has been prepared by Nellore&’s national award winning artist and master craftsman Gowrabathini Ramanaiah.