Congress on Saturday claimed that the "honeymoon phase" of the Narendra Modi-led NDA government is over and people have started questioning the Centre.

"The honeymoon phase of Modi-led government is over and it cannot be extended further anymore. In a democracy, people have the right to question the government and it has already started with the Centre," Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha said here.

Releasing a book on the "failures" of the Modi government in the last two years, he alleged that "the only development which has happened is on the front of communalism".

"Opposition parties like Congress and the media have seen this development of communalism happening during the current government’s tenure," Jha alleged, adding "a dangerous communal environment has been created in the country through issues like ‘ghar wapsi’ and ‘beef ban’".

He also claimed that BJP’s aim to have ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ is a product of their "inner-hatred towards secularism".

Claiming that the voice of dissent against the Modi-led government has been "suppressed systematically", the Congress spokesperson said, "We should fear as the country is in hands of a government that knows to manipulate sentiments of people."