Know the health hazards of anger

  • Deepa Gupta | New Delhi

    May 23, 2017 | 12:47 PM

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The health hazards of anger may speed up the process of aging and shorten your life span.

Don't be angry! Control your anger. And, someone remarked: "When you are angry, you are angry just as you are happy when you are happy".

Anger, one of human emotions involved a lot negative reactions such as displeasure, irritation, annoyance, argument, dislike, hatred, sadness and other negative behavior. It involves complicated thought pattern depending on the nature of a person. There are no consistent reasons for anger. It can’t even be anticipated. A small unlikely thing can trigger it. Beware! It can physically, mentally and emotionally hurt you more than your bad relationships. Here is what experts say about anger.

Health hazards of anger:-

Anger can hurt your lungs. Changes in mood can have short as well as long term effect on this vital organ. Deterioration in health may lead to anger again and vice versa. It may lead to respiratory diseases.

Anger may speed up the process of aging and shorten your life span, according to London researchers.

Bottled up anger can make you irritable, shorten your patience and decrease your attention duration and quality.

Anger may cause sleep disorder. Inadequate sleep may in turn make you ill-tempered and cause bouts of anger. It is actually a vicious loop having no escape.

It may reduce body's immunity. According to Harvard University scientists, recalling an angry experience from past by a healthy person can cause a six hour dip in levels of the antibody immunoglobulin. Due to this, they may feel sick more often.

Anger may alter neurological and hormonal processes, which may in turn disturb immune system.

Anger doubles the risk of heart attack especially in the beginning two hours it explodes. A study revealed that the people who were more prone to anger were at twice the risk of cardio vascular disease.

Anger may worsen anxiety. A new study reveals that anger may intensify anxiety leading to serious health issues. According to the researchers from Concordia University, anger can exacerbate symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) characterized by excessive and uncontrollable worry about everyday things.

Anger may lead to depression. The feeling of guilt after smashing out in anger may lead to sadness. Long term depression may make it difficult to control anger outbursts leading to depression again. It may become a nasty cycle needing professional help to break it.

Anger leads to weight gain. Stress and anger go together. Anger leads to weight-gain and stress prevents weight-loss. This may be a reason for rigidity of weight and you may not slim down even after exercising and dieting if you are angry most of the time.

Anger can cause diabetes. Anger initiates the stress response with the body causing blood sugar levels to rise causing type 2 diabetes.

Violence, abuse and warfare all can be associated with anger. Anger can always result in a physical or verbal attack. Sometimes, it may be defensive and lack harmful intent. However, this dreadful emotion can develop from any situational or environmental factor. It may be a result of a mental condition or personal belief as well. Try your best not to lose your cool. The key is to find the cause of anger and deal with it smartly. Identify and address your feelings before you lose control over your emotions. You can do it. Keep smiling!