Unique ambience, great food

  • Rakesh Kumar | New Delhi

    June 4, 2017 | 01:29 AM
Bagdi Lamb Chops

Bagdi Lamb Chops (FACEBOOK)

Almost a decade ago, when the British banned serving liquor in pubs and bars, the wine connoisseur was left with no place to go. However, many people started clandestinely selling liquor in saloons or their homes and, to ward off any police activities, the entrance to these places was a little deceptive — wearing the look of a salon or tailor shop. They sold homemade liquor. Darzi Bar and Kitchen, a newly-opened bar in the Capital’s Connaught Place seems to borrow from this concept in its décor or drinks.

Located on the first floor in H block (Outer Circle) the entrance sports a huge curtain and large wooden gates, giving the look of a trial room. Once inside, sewing machines, thread, scissors and drawers scattered everywhere echo the idea. There is also a mural of tailoring items on the walls —hangers, sewing machines and several drawers popping out of animated walls and plenty of sewing paraphernalia. Even the seating area is made up like a sewing machines, the menu and cutlery also give the impression of being inside a tailor’s shop.

While looking around the place, the attendant informed that they had initially thought of another name. “Since we offer here tailor-made cocktails, we thought naming something related to it,” he informed. However, the tailor shop on the ground floor gave an idea for the name and décor. The first floor is a lounge, the bar is in the middle, DJ in one corner while the private dining area is at the opposite end. The second floor has a casual dining, with a small bar and small open space.

Darzi Bar and Kitchen serves food from around the world, featuring some exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and cocktails. Their philosophy is to provide food which suits an individual’s requirements of taste and choice.

The best way to start the culinary journey, with starters, is Bagdi Lamb Chop, prepared with pieces of lamb chops, marinated with spices and yoghurt, grilled on skewers in a clay oven. It tasted really good and is highly recommended. Chicken Tikka Pesto (chunks of chicken marinated in basil pesto) and Kerala fish Pollichattu (fish cooked and roasted in a rich gravy wrapped in banana leaf) can also be a good choice. However, the display of Kerala fish Pollichattu was more impressive than its taste — it is heavy for one person. If one is a sea food lover, one can also go for Prawn Pepper Fry. If not satiated, try their Cheesy Spinach Mushroom or Aloo Aur Khubani Tikki.

In mocktails one must try Eye Blinker, which is tangy and spicy in taste. Blood Bank can also be a good option. In the Thoda Bada (main course), the restaurant offers mainly Indian dishes like Spicy Kofta Curry, Master Ji Ki Dal, Punjabi Dal Tadka, Paneer Butter Masala, Hyderabadi Soya Chaap in vegetarian and in non-vegetarian dishes like Kerala Fish Curry, their special Darzi Mutton, Chicken Tikka Masala and others. The restaurant needs some improvement in the main course as we tried Hyderabadi Soya Chaap and Paneer Butter Masala, which were quite average in taste. Overall, the dining experience in Darzi Bar and Kitchen was good. The place is worth visiting at least once.