Necessary accessory: Flaunt your style with trendy handbags

  • Deepa Gupta | New Delhi

    February 22, 2017 | 01:53 PM

Trendy handbags and purse (Getty Images)

She has every reason to love handbags. Besides diamonds, handbags are a girl’s best friend.

She has every reason to love handbags. It is a necessary accessory for all girls and women.

Besides diamonds, they are a girl’s best friend. Handbags speak her style in a powerful way. They speaks volumes about what she can’t say through her dressing and make-up.

Fall in love with bold, beautiful and fabulous handbags this season. Gals! Just have fun with them without giving a thought. Here are few reasons to grab some great trendy handbags.

Bags that complement your entire attire make you look glam even after an exhausting day at work.

Also smart purses can enhance your look on any occasion. The only thing to keep in mind is the purpose for what you are carrying it for.

Handbags are handy to carry all your essentials. You can keep your phone, phone charger, cash and card wallet, a small make-up kit, shades and face wipes, etc.

Match your bags with your outfit or shoes, and step out in style. Be it a coffee date or a reunion party, a corporate meeting or a social gathering, an evening party or a casual day out, they are apt to give you a diva look.

They come in vibrant and dynamic colours: From basic black and white to jazzy red, breathing yellow, catchy orange, fancy tan or nudes like beige, light pink and light blue. Luxurious colours are also at your disposal like gold and silver with a touch of glitter and shine for a party look.

You can carry your handbags in many ways. Your way of carrying them reflects your personality and mood. Whether you carry them cross-ways in front of the body or in the crook of your elbow or carry it simple in your hand or just hang them around your shoulder, they speak your mind.

There are different brands in the fashion industry that understand women power and needs as well. These brands offer variety of designer collections for today’s dynamic woman. Givenchy, Burberry, Gucci, Chanel and Prada are pioneering the handbag industry. They need no intro. At times, one may not afford expensive branded bags. Thanks to the reasonable and decent array of fabulous variety available in the market. Check out how much you would like to spend and pick your choice.

Cross-body bags – They are cool and comfortable for adventures, casual and daily use.

Boxy bags – The come in square and rectangular shapes, and range of textures and colours. They look sophisticated. You can match the bag with your attire or shoes.
Pretty embellishment or printed handbags – These bags are becoming a trend. Adorned with floral or leafy motifs, gems, stones, pearls, beads or prints of optical illusions, they are in no way behind the fashionable range of glamorous handbags.

Saddle bags – Whether in leather or suede, their unique designs give an opportunity to grab the attention of onlookers. They look best wrapped around the wrist rather than carried over the shoulder.

Bucket handbag – They look trendy and cool with or without a draw string. They have enough space to dump all your essentials for a day.

Crescent shape handbags – These bags are crafted widely by big designers, offering many styles, materials and shades.

Animal hide handbags – Having leopard, tiger, snake or crocodile skin patterns, these purses are well placed in the fashion world.

Metallic effect handbags – They look stunning and go wonderful with formals.

Yes, purse and handbags are a must for all girls and women. It is a necessary accessory that makes a style statement without trying too hard! Learn the rules to flaunt them and leave a great impression forever.