Embrace bright colours this winter season

  • Sushmita Kamrupa | New Delhi

    November 30, 2016 | 04:08 PM

Representational Image (Photo: Getty Images)

With the dull winter fog all around, warm colours feel like the soft winter sun.


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Changing season means change in our wardrobe. Although no one really dictates a set of rules about what one should wear and what colour code one should follow there exists certain perceptions and unsaid code that people follow. It doesn't necessarily mean that we should follow it just because we don't want to stand out in the crowd or feel rather singled out.
Usually when it comes to colour preference in winters, a general tendency is to pick black and shades of grey. If there has to be a colour selection it is either navy blue or some drab and dull shade which doesn't really help with the already grey mood in the winters.
Going for Orange or Fuchsia might not seem like the most natural thing to do but picking those very shades might be just the thing that one needs to brighten up the mood in the cold and freezing season.
Add a blazer or a jacket in primary colour and team it with black and grey high neck or inner so as it give it a contrast. Pairing Red/Orange Long Coats atop black legging will lend a cheery look.
Layering up in various colours will also break the monotony and create an eclectic look. Not only with jackets and coats adding bright coloured boots or a dash of colour with a multicoloured muffler or woolen cap can add life to the attire.
Accessorising with a bright clutch or bag to an otherwise neutral look will also add an oomph factor.
A risque coloured coat or pullover can always be paired up with cool washed out denims to balance out the quirkiness.
Statement eyewear also adds charm to the layered winter look.
As the season affects the skin and hair and makes it dry brighter shades of eye shadow and lipstick will make you look perky. While in summers we might hesitate in adding bright streaks or trying out quirky hairstyles going for red or electric blue streaks or a bubble gum pink goes well with god old fashioned sweaters, jeans and sneakers.
With the barren surrounding and dull winter fog, warm colours feel like the winter sun that adds cheer to the otherwise ruthless windy day.