Actress Vera Farmiga has now signed up to appear on a new anthology show Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams.

Finding her place in an episode titled Kill All Others, Farmiga will work alongside Emmy-nominated American writer- director Dee Rees, playing a politician in the episode who shocks the world when they make a statement encouraging violence.

Mel Rodriguez will star opposite Farmiga's character as the one person who dares to question the call for violence, making himself an instant target, reported Deadline.

Jason Mitchell, Glenn Morshower and Sarah Brown will also star in the episode, which is based on a short story by titular real-life sci-fi writer Philip K Dick.

Each episode in the 10-episode anthology series will be based on a different story, with unique characters and a fresh roster of cast members with each outing.

Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams was commissioned by Channel 4 and will air on the UK network later this year, with Amazon Prime Video set to launch the series in the US.