Beckhams have roof issues

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    June 5, 2017 | 4:43 am
Beckhams have roof issues

David and Victoria Beckham (Photo: Facebook)

Star couple David and Victoria Beckham are reportedly planning to rip out their over five million pounds country estate because the roof colours don't match.

According to The Sun newspaper, the 43-year-old designer and her husband have halted work at their new home in Cotswolds while they seek planning permission from the council because the roof colours don't match, reports 

The property consists of three interlinking barns, of which one's roof is said to be a slightly different hue to the rest. 

A source claimed that builders on the site had been instructed to pack up after a few months' work because the family were very unhappy about the roof situation.

The source added: "It was all going at first with builders getting the property ready and all of a sudden they were told nothing could go ahead until the Beckhams could get the roof design they wanted. They really didn't like that one of the roofs was different to the others. It's now very unlikely that the building will be ready for them to live in this year."

Representatives of the Beckham family declined to comment. 

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