‘You got it dude’, the wait is finally over. The Tanners, Katsopolis’, and a Gibbler( whether you liked her or not) are back. The much beloved ‘Full House’ cast have reunited nearly 21 years later for 13 episodes – ‘Fuller House’ comeback on the Netflix. 

‘Fuller House’ begins where the ‘Full House’ left off. The difference – the girls are now all grown up and have a different story, but there is no love lost. The same craziness and love to share will make the house full this time around too. 

Here is a quick recap of the ‘Full House’ before we sit down to watch the new episodes and get washed away in the wave of nostalgia. 

The Tanners– 

Danny Tanner– (Bob Saget) The head of the family, widow, loving dad, neat freak and host of a TV show – ‘Wake Up San Francisco’. He tried dating in the first season of the series, but later gave up and devoted all his time towards his family. 

DJ Tanner– (Candace Cameron Bure) Eldest daughter of Danny&’s. Good girl. Loves saying oh mylanta. The only bad thing about her- she is friends with Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) a pesky little thing who irritates the hell out of everyone, but DJ doesn’t mind her at all! She had a few boyfriends throughout the series namely- Michael Montfort (the first one), Nelson (the wealthy one), Viper (the crazy one) and of course Steve Hale (the steady one). 

Stephanie Tanner– (Jodie Sweetin) The middle child of Danny&’s. Sweet girl, who speaks her mind, is witty and sarcastic. She likes to spy around her elder sister DJ. Loves to hang around in closets and has a catchphrase- ‘How Rude!’ 

Michelle Tanner-(Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) The youngest daughter, the baby of the house and naughty as no one else. She is her uncle Jesse&’s Munchkin and loves to say ‘You got it dude’ and ‘You are in big trouble mister!’ 

The Gladstone 

Joey Gladstone-(Dave Coulier) Joey moved in with the Tanners to help his recently widowed friend raise the three girls. He is a standup comedian and has a constant companian in Mr Woodchuck-his puppet. 

The Katsopolis 

Jesse Katsopolis-(John Stamos) Danny&’s brother in-law and the girls’ favourite uncle Jesse moves in after the death of his sister to help raise the girls. He shares an amazing bond with his nieces, specially the youngest Michelle. He is quite popular with girls too. He has his fair share of link ups through the series until he meets Becky and marries her. His catchphrase ‘have mercy’ is perhaps the most associated trait of his character. 

Becky Katsopolis-(Lori Loughlin) She is the co-host with Danny in ‘Wake Up Sanfrancisco’. She later marries Jesse and moves in with the Tanners. 

Nicky and Alex Katsopolis-(Blake and Dylan Tuomy Wilhoit) Jesse and Becky&’s adorable blond mopped twins appeared in the later seasons of the series. She is the responsible and level headed lady and endures her husband&’s obsession with keeping his hair perfect all the time and Elvis Presley. 

The Gibbler 

Kimmy Gibler-(Andrea Barber) DJ’S best friend who irritates everyone with her antics is seemingly unfazed by the affect that she causes. The family forgives her for her misplaced though well meaning intentions. 

The Hale 

Steve Hale– (Scott Weinger) DJ&’s  boyfriend who loved hogging on the Tanners food, a genuinely good-hearted kid got along fine with everyone once Danny Tanner realised he couldn’t get rid of the boy because he means a lot to DJ. DJ and Steve broke up for a while but he took her to the Prom in the season finale. 

Comet– The dog became an essential part of the show since the season 3 debut.

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