NEW DELHI, 13 JULY: Three day free orthopaedic consultation camp was organised in Delhi from 10 July to 12 July at Panipat by Indraprastha Apollo hospitals with the objective to raise awareness on joint and bone related problems. Joint pain and arthritis are common problems faced by people of all ages. The camp aimed to general awareness on such problems.  According to a recent survey, nearly 70 percent of people above 65 years of age are suffering from arthritis in India. While osteoarthritis strikes people aged 65 years and above, the younger population is found suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
 Total 585 patients has attended the camp where almost 50 percent of patients where suffering from calcium deficiency, 40 percent of patients where suffering from back and limp problems and around 5 percent of patients where suffering from osteoporosis.  The camp also offered free consultation with Orthopaedic and Joint-replacement Surgeons, Physio Consultants, X-Ray and Screening experts.  sns