"If someone throws stones at a dog, the government is not responsible", this infamous statement made by the Union Minister, General (Rtd) VK Singh, has sparked lot of controversy attracting reactions from different sections of the society including the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. 

He tweeted, "VK Singh’s statement is shameful and prosecutable under SC/ST Act. A case should be registered against him immediately." (sic) 

This was followed by other tweets by Kejriwal which hinted at the central government to take action immediately. 

He said, "Aaj Dussehra hai,burai aur ahankar par achhai ki jeet ka prateek" (sic). The tweets continued, "Agar Modiji sach mein Dussehra manana chahte hai to unko apne cabinet ko burai aur AHANKAAR se mukht karna chahiye." (sic) "Aaj shaam se pehle, VK Singh ko Cabinet se bahar nikaal dena chahiye" (sic) tweeted Mr Kejriwal. 

The controversy has come up in the wake of the recent incident where two-and-half-year old and nine-month-old kids belonging to a Dalit family had died after their house was set on fire, allegedly by members of an upper caste community at a village in Haryana near Delhi, on Monday. 

It was reported that petrol was poured through the window and the house was set on fire. The mother is still said to be in a critical condition. 

Reacting on the minister’s statement, Prakash Chand, an avid Facebook user, posted, "V.K. Singh’s statement was shocking, inhuman and it is unacceptable." (sic) 

Another user, Zoya Khan posted, "The life of a Dalit has become cheaper than the price of a Dal. Waah India." (sic) 

Echoing similar sentiments, Nandita DU student posted, "It is a very insensitive statement coming from a minister. He doesn’t deserve to hold such a responsible position with such cheap mentality. Shame on him." (sic) 

On the other hand, V K Singh clarifying his stance later tweeted,"My men and I put our lives on the line for the nation irrespective of caste, creed and religion." (sic) "I stand by to serve India with the same spirit, right now and always. Our nation, its success and its people motivate me daily. We must stand united and let no one exploit our diversity by blowing up localised issues. Jai hind!" (sic) he added.