Transport integration

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    December 15, 2015 | 06:05 AM
Transport integration

World Bank has entrusted RITES for route rationalisation in the city and its outskirts to reduce traffic congestion. RITES, a government consultant company, specialising in the field of transport infrastructure will prepare a blueprint to integrate various transport services in the city including bus, tram, ferry and metro.

The route rationalisation report will be prepared keeping in mind the ongoing Joka-BBD Bag metro, East-West Metro and Garia-Airport Metro projects.

On 17 December, a four-member team from RITES has convened a meeting at Paribahan Bhavan in this regard. Principal secretary of state transport department, Alapan Bandyopadhyay, secretary of State Transport Authority, regional transport officers and managing directors of Calcutta State Transport Corporation and Calcutta Tramways Company will be present at the meeting.

Representatives of private bus and mini bus operators will also be present at the meeting. RITES will carry out a survey for preparing new routes and will suggest to delete nonviable routes where private or state run transport corporations are incurring losses. Suggestions from private transport operators will be taken into consideration while carrying out the survey.

The decision to carry out the survey was taken after it was found that many bus routes in the city are not viable because of introduction of metro services from Kalighat to Kavi Subhash. Many old bus routes that may be non-viable in near future may be withdrawn.

The blueprint would look at ways to realign bus routes once the East-West Metro takes shape and people keep switching from the North-South Metro to the new one for their daily movement. It would also focus on converging buses, trams, and other forms of transport with the upcoming Garia-Airport and Joka-BBD Bag Metro projects. Earlier, the state transport department had proposed to the World Bank to carry out a survey to figure out how the various transport options in the city - Metro, bus, taxi, auto and ferry - can be integrated. It must be mentioned that many new localities have grown up in the city for the past ten years where transport facilities are very poor.

The World Bank has entrusted RITES for route rationalisation in West Bengal.