Santragachi to be long-dist ser terminal

  • SNS

    November 4, 2015 | 07:06 AM
Santragachi to be long-dist ser terminal

The South Eastern Railway has decided to convert Santragachi into a terminal station at an estimated cost of Rs.375 crore. The work will be carried out by the Indian Railway Construction Corporation (IRCON).

The development work will be carried out in phases. In phase I, a new station will be constructed at Santragachi. Two foot-over bridges (FOB) having 12 m width and 170m length will be constructed. A new road will be built connecting platform 1 with the southern end of Kona Expressway. The supply of filtered water will be augmented by laying a pipeline connecting Shalimar with Santragachi. A pedestrian subway will be constructed connecting platforms 4 and 5. The estimated cost would be around Rs.220 crore.

In phase II, a flyover from the elevated ramp up to Kona Expressway for easy access from Howrah and Kharagpur, will be constructed. Escalator, travelator and electrical sub-stations will be set up.

An elevated parking lot will be constructed for the benefit of the commuters. Buses, auto rickshaws, cars and motor cycles will be allowed to park in the multilayer parking plaza.

The multi-storeyed station building will have all modern facilities. The building will be set up on 27,250 sqm of land. The building will house waiting and retiring rooms for the passengers.

A senior railway official said the entire station area would be given a new look. It has been decided that in future, all long distance mail and express trains would terminate at Santragachi. The station will reduce the pressure on Howrah station to a great extent. A comprehensive plan to develop Shalimar is also in the pipeline.

The work will be carried out by the Indian Railway Construction Corporation.