Eminent vocalist Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty on Tuesday disapproved of the return of awards, saying it was not the "right way" to register protest.

"This is not the right way. There are so many other forums through which one can protest and fight. Awards are given to them very respectfully, they must not give them back," Chakraborty said.

The Padma Shri recipient musician said, "I am also an executive committee member of the Sangeet Natak Akademi. We must remember that the awards are given to those who are very respected and are chosen by some other very respected group of people."

"The committee to choose awardees is constituted by the government. So you are returning the awards to the government… And who is the government? We all are the government – the general people of the country. Actually, a committee giving away the awards is not the owner of the awards… So you cannot give back the awards to it," Chakraborty told PTI.

"Intolerance is everywhere in today’s world," he said and held the "current situation around the globe responsible for it".

According to the legendary vocalist, in today’s world a person has forgotten to respect another, which is giving rise to a negative environment leading to intolerance.

"People have forgotten to respect others. This develops a negative feeling in one’s mind for another… It gives me immense pain that in seeing in today’s age of globalisation we have only learnt to buy and how to sell and how to make money forgetting the basic morals of life," Chakrabarty said.