Muharram observed in West Bengal

  • PTI

    October 24, 2015 | 06:31 PM
Muharram observed in West Bengal

Muharram was observed in the city on Saturday with thousands of Muslims took out processions to mark the day.

Similar processions in which men carrying black flags and beating their chests in ceremonial mourning were taken out in other parts of West Bengal.

Muslim-dominated areas of Kolkata such as Park Circus, Rajabazar, Kolkata port area including adjoining Kidderpore, Iqbalpur, Mominpur and Metiabruz witnessed huge processions.

Muharram is a day of bereavement, when Muslims give to charity, observe fasts and pray in remembrance of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed who was martyred some 1330 years ago at Karbala in Iraq.

Incidentally, because of Muharram, Kolkata Police have not allowed immersion of a single Durga Puja idol in the city during the day.

"There was not a single immersion (of Durga idol) today ... It will resume tomorrow and will continue (till) Monday 4 AM," a senior officer of Kolkata Police said.

Thousands of Muslims took out processions to mark the day.


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