Statesman News Service 
Durgapur, 1 October
Life term was ordered by the Court here today against a railway employee who killed his wife by stabbing  26 times in her sleep. Twenty year old, Rekha of Alutia village, Asansol was married to Mr Kartik Ruidas of Sarisadihi village near Kajora in 2002. At the time of marriage a dowry of Rs 2 lakh in cash , gold jewellery worth 1.5 lakh, a motorbike and furniture was given to Kartik.
But, according to Mr Ashoke Ruidas, Rekha&’s father: “Kartik started asking for more and more money and used to leave my daughter and her children at my place for months until we could manage additional cash for his refrigerator, high-priced stereo system.” 
Mrs Sumitra Ruidas, deceased&’s mother complained: “Kartik, his mother, his elder brother and his wife were involved in torturing my daughter regularly.”  In December 2010, Kartik agreed to take back Rekha after her parents paid Rs 1 lakh, she said. On 4 January 2011 late night Kartik returned home in an inebriated condition when Rekha was sleeping with the children. He, according to police report, had attacked his wife with a sharp knife and stabbed repeatedly for 26 times. The entire family fledtaking the children along with them. The neighbourers, in the next day morning found the woman lying dead in a pool of blood.
Police arrested Kartik after four days of the incident and he was ordered jail custody.  The other accused, though were released on bail after six months, the Additional Public Prosecutor(APP), Durgapur Court, Mr Deba Prasanna Ghosh said: “Kartik&’s bail was rejected time to time.”  Today, the Additional District Judge(ADJ) (Sessions), Durgapur, Mr Dipankar Pal ordered life-term against Kartik after the charges of murder was established. Mr Ghosh, APP said: “He has been fined cash worth Rs 3,000 and jail term for another year, failing to pay the amount.”      SNS