Statesman news service
Kolkata, 5 December
The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will distribute Kanyashree forms from the office of District Inspector (DI) of School at 27/A Bose Pukur Road in Kasba on 6 and 9 December. The candidates who are yet to receive the Kanyashree application forms can get them from this office.
The head of the institutions will collect the forms from the DI office and then distribute them among the students in the respective schools.
The Education department of KMC had held a video conference with the borough chairmen to discuss the matter as many of the city schools have not received the forms yet.
Following the instruction of the Chief Minister to  distribute  the forms in all the schools within a certain time, KMC, the nodal agency to distribute forms expedited the process and several steps were taken.
A control room was opened on last Tuesday at the Planning and Development department of KMC to distribute forms to the candidates aged between 18 and 19.
These candidates are mainly from colleges and fall under KII category. Candidates belonging to this category will get R25,000 for one time. While the other candidates aged between 13-18, mostly from schools will get Rs 500 in every year.
Candidates from a family with less than an income of Rs 1,20,000 per annum are entitled to get money under this scheme.
The state government has a target to disburse cheques among 12,000 candidates from the city within December this year. 
KMC officials said that around 35,000 forms have been issued to the candidates belonging to KI category while 4,000 forms have been distributed among the candidates who belong to the K II category.  "According to the report submitted by the DI to KMC, around 202 schools have already been covered. DI office in Kasba will issue both the application forms. Director of Public Instruction in Bikash Bhavan will issue K II forms," said Ms Mitali Banerjee, Member and Mayor-in-Council.