statesman news service
Rishra, 11 November
Nearly one hundred Jaghadatri puja committees have come out with the traditional as well as human awareness themes in Rishra this year. The Jaghadatri puja at Rishra begins on the Navami of Chandernagar Jaghadatri puja. Ankur a social welfare organisation celebrating Jaghadatri Puja tried bringing into light the diminishing, small scale and cottage industry of Bengal.
Mr Sougata Roy the secretary of Ankur Jaghadatri Puja committee said: “It is a duty of all the citizens to uphold and preserve the tradition of Bengal as well the small scale and cottage industry of Bengal.”
The Puja Pandal is the best way to make people to showcase ornaments made from  the horns and hooves of dead  animals.Mr Roy said: "We have tried our best to bring out the positive aspect of the use of buttons, combs, hair clips and other ornamental objects carved out from the horns and hooves of the dead animals."