IIEST to get product design centre

  • Gurvinder Singh/SNS

    October 31, 2015 | 06:46 AM
IIEST to get product design centre

The authorities of Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) in Shibpur are planning to set up a centre for product designing and development, but are worried lack of industrial opportunities in the state may force students to go away to other places after doing the course.

The course will train students in the manufacture and design of components of various industrial products, said the officials.

“We want to train students in the making of components so that they become more skillful and gain complete mastery of the products to be designed and developed. It would also help them to make analysis and understand the life cycle of manufactured items,” said Mr Subhas Bhowmick, the head of aerospace and engineering department.

“Students would be better placed than their counterparts in other colleges as a thorough training course would sharpen their minds and encourage them to develop indigenous products," he added.

The authorities said, it would be an interdisciplinary approach to education involving students from mechanical, aerospace, electrical, mining, civil, and electronics departments. The IIEST authorities plan to add the course of product design and development by next year.

"We plan to start classes by middle of next year. It will initially be a 40-hour training programme, but later it would be extended to a full-fledged course. In the initial phase we are planning to invest Rs 1 crore for the project,” said Prof Ajoy Kumar Ray, director of IIEST.

The initiative was hailed, but many are sceptical, given the state of industry in Bengal. “It&’s a commendable effort that students would be imparted thorough training in component designing but there is hardly any opportunities because of the industrial slump in the state. Some might become entrepreneurs, but most of them have to move out for better job opportunities. It could have been far better had it been possible to utilise their expertise here for the development of the state,“ said an entrepreneur.

Ray conceded that the industrial pace is slow in the state but sounded hopeful that things would change in the coming days. “No doubt the industrial atmosphere is a bit gloomy, but we should not lose hope and things would definitely change in future. The trained students would definitely play a major role in nation building,” he said.

The course will train students in the manufacture and design of components.