Humane touch

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    January 4, 2016 | 06:03 AM
Humane touch

A pariah kite that had been trapped in a 100- year-old mahogany tree in the Bishop&’s College for the past five days was finally rescued, thanks to a plucky local boy. The bird had apparently got itself entangled in the strings of a paper kite.

The principal of Bishop College, Dr Sunil M Caleb had called the fire department at Gariahat and Mirza Ghalib Street to rescue the bird but his plea fell on deaf ears and his calls were being transferred from one department to another.

“We had called the fire department a number of times to rescue the bird as it was entangled at a height of 40 feet above the ground. Their ladder would have been very helpful, but they were unable to help us,” said Dr Caleb.

Along with Dr Caleb, some employees from the adjacent office building Sunita Maity and Sraboni Mitra also called up many other agencies to rescue the bird but no one came forward. After everything else failed, a local boy Raj Khan of the Beckbagan Boys Club, this evening decided to risk his own life and climb 40 feet to save the bird.

Along with him was Samir Shah, member of ‘Jeev Bandhu’. With the help of a collapsible ladder provided by the college, they reached a height of 30 feet, from where they climbed slowly, carrying a bamboo stick with a knife attached to it.

Slowly but steadily, the string of the kite was cut, and the bird was set free. The bird, having become dehydrated, glided down to a vat nearby from where it was collected by Shah and taken to Atma Charitable Trust, which rescues wildlife.

A trustee of the trust stated: “The kite was middle-aged and dehydrated, with a mild wing injury. Once the kite starts to eat, we will hand it over to the authorities of Deer park, Salt Lake.”

“It was dreadful to see the bird being entangled for so long, continuously flapping its wings to free itself. Thankfully, it has finally been rescued and now is in good hands,” said Mitra.

Boy helps rescue an entangled pariah kite.