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KOLKATA, 12 JUNE: As part of an anti-dengue and anti-malaria drive, Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s health department officials will visit Writers’ Buildings next Saturday to check for accumulation of stagnant water where mosquito larvae can breed.
Senior health officials of the civic body will also visit all administrative buildings, including Calcutta High Court, Bankshal Court, government hospitals and educational institutes, on a similar mission.
The decision was taken as it was found that the various administrative buildings were breeding grounds of mosquitoes, said Mr Atin Ghosh, member, mayor-in-council (health).
The health officials will visit the roofs of various administrative buildings where water accumulates. Last year, accumulated water was found on the roof of Writers’ due to improper drainage, said Mr Ghosh. 
The authorities of the administrative buildings did not take any initiative to remove accumulating water inside or outside the buildings, Mr Ghosh said.
Mr Ghosh, along with senior health officials of the KMC, today visited  Presidency University, Hindu Hostel and Calcutta Medical College and Hospital.
The health officials found accumulated water at Calcutta Medical College and Hospital and urged the authorities to take initiatives to remove the water. Last year chief minister Mamata Banerjee had asked health department officials of the civic body to start an early drive against dengue this year. The chief minister also asked the heads of municipal corporations and municipalities to undertake a special anti-malaria and anti-dengue drive across the state. “We’ve been concentrating on organising dengue workshops at ward level where doctors, teachers and people of the locality would be told how to prevent dengue and in case there is an outbreak, how to combat the disease,” Mr Ghosh said.
The civic body will also distribute leaflets and banners in each ward to generate an awareness of the disease.