Kolkata, 1 October
Come 2015, scoring would be easier in Higher Secondary Examination as there will be 50 per cent objective questions even in humanities papers.
As, HS Council has finalised the number distribution of the examinations, students who are studying Humanities in class XI now will have 24 marks for  multiple choice questions and 16 marks  for short questions  and 40 marks for   elaborative questions. Another 20 marks will be allotted for project work.
Science subjects will have 21 marks for multiple choice questions and 14 marks for other short questions while eloborative questions will be for 35 marks. For science students, the rest 30 marks are for practical papers.
State government was working on facilitating board exam candidates to make it more scoring, as it was found that state students faced trouble to get seats in colleges as  other boards score much higher than them. Governor, Mr MK Narayanan too expressed his concern regarding this in a meeting with the heads of the state boards. A new curriculum has been introduced in Class XI from this year and a new evaluation pattern will also be introduced.