enos says party holding on to gta using 23 Oct meet as excuse

Siliguri, 1 October
GJAC advisor Enos Das Pradhan today said GJMM members in the GTA must adopt a resolution favouring Gorkhaland at a meeting of the autonomous body before 23 October, the scheduled date for the tripartite meeting as per the Centre&’s purported communication to the GJMM.
“Such a resolution, if adopted, would not just prepare grounds for annulling the body but also prove that the GJMM is sincere about its commitment for Gorkhaland,” he said, hinting the GJMM was holding on to the GTA despite sharing a hostile relationship with the state government, using the proposed tripartite meeting as an excuse.
Taking a dig at the state government for deepening the Hill crisis for electoral gains, he said that it should take prompt initiatives to release Mr Binay Tamang, the newly elected GTA chief executive.
“He should be allowed to take oath as GTA chief,” he said. “If the state really wants that the GTA should function glitch-free it is its duty to have Mr Tamang released to enable him to take oath,” he added.
The state officials in Writers’ Buildings reportedly said yesterday that the state would oppose the bail plea of Mr Tamang.
According to the sources, the state government would stonewall any attempt to release Mr Tamang unless and until the GJMM clarifies that it would not go for adopting the statehood resolution as a prelude to withdrawing itself from it. 
Asked why the GJMM and the GJAC are not taking initiatives to release Mr Tamang on parole, Mr Das Pradhan said it has become a prestige issue for the GJMM. “He might be sworn in after his release on parole. But what would happen then? Would he return to the gaol again? Is it possible for him to run the GTA from behind the bars?” he asked.