Statesman News Service
Kolkata 5 December
State education minister Mr Bratya Basu today said that he has sought a written clarification from  School Service Commission chairman Mr Pradip Sur, on why he has allocated SSC funds for a conference to be organised at Kalyani University.
He said that he has also asked the chairman to pay back the money that he has taken from SSC fund to buy a smartphone.
At the sidelines of a program, Mr Basu added that he has sought a clarification from the chairman of the SSC and he is now waiting for his response.
It may be noted that after the new chairman of School Service Commission, Mr Pradip Sur  has been accused of siphoning of funds from the Commission to buy a smartphone.
A fresh controversy sparked against him today as well after he was accused of allotting funds from SSC  for organising a conference at the Kalyani University. 
The decision has raised eyebrows  amongst officials who pointed out that it is illegal to use the funds of the Commission for other purpose. 
It was found that the chairman of the commission, has allocated Rs 3 lakh for organising a zoology conference at Kalyani University.