Statesman news service
Kolkata, 4 October
Election in all the seven units of Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE), which was scheduled on the 8 October has been postponed until further notice in anticipation of unrest and violence. 
The notice which was issued by the Registrar of Trade Unions, Government of West Bengal, cites the possibility of untoward violence in the aforesaid election, thereby putting the festive mood of the people at stake as the reason to postpone the election. 
Mr Kamal Tewary, President of GRSE Ltd Workmen’s Union, says that postponing the election is detrimental to the interests of the workers as, so far, there has not been any recognized trade union for GRSE in place to look after the interests and betterment of the workers and claims that there is an ulterior motive in work as due to Puja holidays and upcoming Bakr-Id courts will be closed and hence there is a little scope for challenging the order in the court of Law. 
The permanent workers of GRSE who are supposed to participate and determine the representative character of their Union through the election which was previously scheduled on the 8th of this month, have alleged that they are being continuously threatened by the local goons enjoying political patronage of the ruling party.  The workers of GRSE allege that the miscreants have been deployed to thwart the election procedure. Trinamool Congress (TMC) led Trade Union is accused to have threatened workers of GRSE with dire consequences to deter from participation in the aforesaid election. 
On participation, there would be repetition of the unrest and violence that crippled student’s union election at Harimohan Ghosh college in the Garden Reach area earlier this year wherein one police officer was killed in broad day light by local goons further alleges Mr Tewary. 
There GRSE Workmen’s union plans to launch an agitational program that includes legal course of action.