Says she is ‘very happy’ with hills meet
statesman news service
Kolkata, 4 September
The chief minister, Miss Mamata Banerjee, has expressed great satisfaction after she visited Kalimpong after accepting an invitation from the Lepchas.
She said her vision
is to make Darjeeling
into a “dreamland
“I am very happy to be back in the Darjeeling Hills again. I love Darjeeling and all its brothers and sisters.
“Today, I am in Kalimpong at the invitation of Lepcha brothers and sisters, who decided to confer on me the title of ‘Kinchoom Daarmit’ (Bestower of good fortune). I express my sincere gratitude and thanks to them,” she wrote on her Facebook page.
“I have observed tremendous enthusiasm and grit in the eyes of the people, who gathered there from far flung places.
“I am also happy to see that Tamang brothers and sisters, too, joined the programme. The stadium was packed to capacity. I have sensed the tune of normalcy and peace all over,” the chief minister wrote.