Kolkata, July 21 July
Police recovered the body of a teenager who came to play football at the Rabindra Sarovar ground and later went to a bath in the lake and drowned.
According to police Ayush Das (15), a student of BD Memorial School at Narendrapur came to play an inter-school football match at the ground with his schoolmates. Around 10.30 a.m. after the match, the students asked the permission of the game teacher for taking a bath in the lake as they were drenched in rain. The victim, along with his other school mates, went to the lake with and started playing with football in water.
A senior officer of the city police said after sometime the students started playing in the water, the football suddenly drifted away from them into the deeper part of the water. Ayush who did not know swimming tried to grab the ball and accidentally drowned in the water.
His friends informed the matter to the game teacher who asked local people for help. After an hour’s search police found Ayush’s body and took him to a city hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. Police have sent the body for postmortem.
Meanwhile, the victim’s father lodged a complaint of negligence against the game teacher, Mr Sujit Chakraborty. Police have started an investigation. A senior officer of the city police said that initially they found no foul play.