Book Fair: Vietnamese singers croon Bolly hits

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    January 29, 2016 | 07:01 PM
Book Fair: Vietnamese singers croon Bolly hits on Vietnam Day

Vietnamese performers stole the show at the 40th Kolkata Book Fair on Friday, marked as Vietnam Day as they sang popular Bollywood songs much to the delight of the audience.

Popular Vietnamese singers Thanh Tam, Thu Hung and Kim Oanh presented 'Chalte Chalte', 'Dhoom Machale' and 'Tum Hi Ho', respectively, celebrating the long-standing bond between the two countries.

"We grew up listening to songs like 'Chalte Chalte'. We may not know the language but the spirit, the beat and melodies touch us. Music has no barrier," Thanh later said as the other singers nodded.

"We cherish our friendship and partnership. India and Vietnam and Kolkata and Hanoi. Kolkata has ties with Hanoi for decades," said Lol Tram, Chief, Department of Song, Dance and Music of Vietnam.

"You might call it a fusion show where we blended our indigenous dance and art forms with popular Indian culture.

Like duck taking to water in no time, it did not take us long to practise the steps and perform," Thu said.

Vietnam is the special guest of honour this year at the Kolkata International Book Fair and a team of writers, artists and publishers from that country is participating in it.

The artistes also performed popular folk numbers of Vietnam like 'Bamboo Bridge', 'Spring Return', 'Vietnam My Motherland', 'Ho Chi Minh' to the accompaniment of one-string traditional instrument and flute.

Vietnam is the special guest of honour this year at the fair.


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