''Megha Dhaka Tara'' on the small screen in new avatar

  • PTI

    November 4, 2015 | 02:35 PM
''Megha Dhaka Tara'' on the small screen in new avatar

Paying a tribute to Ritwik Ghatak, young director Shibangshu Bhattacharya has brought a television adaptation of the eminent filmmaker's classic "Meghe Dhaka Tara".

Bhattacharya seeks to capture the sense of rootlessness as portrayed in the late director's film, which was based on Shaktipada Rajguru's novel, in a different narrative style.

"We can't imagine repeating the celluloid magic of the original over two-hour long 'Meghe Dhaka Tara' on the small screen, where the episodes will be telecast for 25 days," the director said.

"My serial has stuck to the simple narrative style of the original novel, which gave a realistic portrayal of the rural Bengal shaken by partition in those days, the tale of poverty and hunger and yet the will to fight back," he added.

The serial, which premiered on November 2, is being telecast from Monday-Saturday in the 'Sahityer Sera Samay' slot.

The serial, he said, will be a departure from the usual lavishly mounted sets and tale of marital intrigues of mega sops.

Bhattacharya said he watched the movie "countless" times before taking up the show.

"I was also struck by the imageries and script writing of Ritwik's work and had watched the film countless times before taking up this project.

The serial is being telecast from Monday-Saturday.