Bring out the wild side in you!

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Take the plunge. Go wild. Indulge in your fascination and bring out the crazy in you.

Summer has just begun. But the mercury is soaring. and the heat wave is blowing strong across many places in India. While you are trying different hairdos to beat the heat, here are some weird and funky hairstyles you can try and bring out the crazy in you. Take the plunge. Go wild. Indulge in your fascination. Express your crazy self and colour up your life with the things you always wanted to do but dare not.

Bare and dare:  Bring out the artist in you and go for a unique clean cut with designs on the head. Go all bald or clean shave parts of the head areas to create your favourite images and patterns. Creating patterns on the head is becoming a big craze. 

Tie and dye: Short or long, use different dyes on different parts of the hair. Use different colour dyes and hang them loose or spike it up. Tie them down or up, whichever way you like.

Twist and turn: This is easy and fun if you have long hair. Twist and turn the hair around and tie or pin them up whichever way you like.

Plait and roll: If you have long hair, go for thin multiple plaits or a small single long plait on one side of the head. Hang it down or roll it up to create a flower like small plaited buns.

Bun it funny: Dare to go real funny-bunny. Create a single or multiple tall or pointed buns.

Curl and perm: This is for both short and long hair. Curl or perm them half way down and leave the rest straight and good or perm one side of the hair or curl the hair in just the middle of the head and leave the rest as it is.

Rib and thread: Rib the hair apart and thread feathers or ribbons in colours all around it. Use bright ribbons or silve rand gold threads and flaunt them in style.

The styles are many. There is no limit to it. It all depends on how imaginative and wild you can get. Well, you can look up different style sites for a little help. Meanwhile, try these crazy ideas to start with and have real fun this summer.

Let go of yourself. Get the wildest haircut and style. Go punky and funky, and stun the world!